Tuesday, December 29, 2009

3 Tier Winnie The Pooh Birthday Cake!

So this weekend we had the chance to make a three tier Winnie the Pooh Cake.  It was for a little boys 2nd Birthday Party.  The color scheme was yellow, blue, and green.  The top tier was a "hunny" pot.  The middle tier she wanted a banner being held up by bees.  Also the writing "Happy 2nd Birthday Super Sleuth Jayden"

The bottom tier was an argyle pattern going the whole way around and since we were going with the Super Sleuth theme.  What would be more appropriate than the Upside down triangle with the question mark inside!  I think the cake turned out great and almost everyone loves Pooh so I have a feeling this will be just the beginning of our Pooh cake making journey.    :)

This is the picture sent to us by the boys mother.  Thanks Jennifer!!

The comment she left was so wonderful.  It really makes you feel like you are doing a great job when you actually hear back about a cake.  The times that you don't only leave you questioning everything??  I do love making cakes and I think this one is right at the top of my favorites!

Here was her comment:

Dear Amy,

The cake was wonderful and my son absolutely loved it. The cake was yummy and decorated

perfectly! Jayden has been running up to it for 2 days now picking off the fondant balls and eating

them.Everyone at the party couldn't stop talking about how beautiful it was. I have enclosed some

pics of Jayden with the cake. Everyone who has seen the pics on facebook has commented on the

cake and how amazing it is. Can't wait to have you create another masterpiece for our next

special occassion!

Thanks again!

Jennifer and Jayden

Oxford, PA
These were the pictures of the cake I took before they got here.  As you can see Pooh and Tigger weren't on the top of the Birthday cake in her picture.  They just wouldn't stay up there  :)  I think they look much better at the bottom of the cake.  The candle looked so cute on the top as well!   

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