Thursday, February 25, 2010

Get Well Soon Cake Delivery York, PA

Bear Heart Baking Company recently delivered a Get Well Soon Cake for a woman in Pittsburgh, PA! Before you get any crazy ideas, we didn’t deliver to Pittsburgh, PA we delivered a get well soon cake for a woman who lives in Pittsburgh, PA to a woman in York, PA! Her friend had surgery and since she wasn’t close enough to make something for her she found us on the web and Contacted Us to make a cake for her friend who lives in York, PA!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Topsy Turvy Birthday Cake York, PA Bakery!

Topsy Turvy Birthday Cake!  This was our first time making a Topsy Turvy Cake!  The color scheme was purple, pink, and orange for the little girls Birthday Cake.  We added daisy detailing and stripes and polka dots.  The cake flavors were Chocolate Cake on the bottom tier and white cake on the top tier.  Both tiers had Vanilla Icing and Marshmallow Fondant covering.  The decorations were also made of Marshmallow Fondant.  We had a lot of fun making this cake.  It was our first time making the Topsy Turvy and we think it turned out great!  

To contact Bear Heart Baking Company for your next Special Occasion Cake visit us on the web at  

Topsy Turvy Birthday Cake!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

York PA Bakery makes Custom Roulette Wheel Cake!

Bear Heart Baking Company recently made a Custom Roulette Wheel Cake for a Las Vegas themed Birthday Party.  The roulette wheel and all decorations are made entirely of Marshmallow Fondant!

There are Vegas Poker chips stacked all around this cake.  The playing cards reflect the ages of the three birthdays this cake was made to celebrate!  It was a White Cake with an Orange Pineapple Filling and Italian Buttercream Icing covered with Marshmallow Fondant!  I was told this cake tasted as good as it looked!  If you are in York, PA or the Surrounding areas and would like a Custom fondant Birthday Cake or Special Occasion Cake feel free to Contact Us today for a quote!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

York, PA Bakery Makes Custom Cookies, Order Online, Shipped to your door!

Here at Bear Heart Baking Company we have many things we love to do.  One of them being custom decorated cookies and brownies!  If you are looking for a really unique gift, or maybe a party favor that is personalized, you have come to the right place! 

Mod Daisy Cookies!  Order by the dozen!  Perfect way to say Thank you, Get Well, Miss you, Just Thinking of You!  We'll even include a personal message with your order!  2-3 business day ShippingOrdering online is easy!  Check it out here!

Cookie Cowboy Boots and Cookie Cowgirl Boots!  Perfect for a cowboy themed party favor!

Like your cookies filled in, want the cowgirl boot to stand out more with a pink background?  Not a problem simply let us know when ordering.  These cookies are custom for you, looking to have a red cowboy boot?  We can do that too!

See a Custom Cookie design you like?  They can be ordered as Brownies as well!

Mini Heart Brownies!

Pink and blue puppy dog cookies!  Perfect Birthday Treat for a classroom mixed with boys and girls!! 

Contact Us today!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Birthday Cake with Made from scratch Italian Buttercream Gettysburg, PA Delivery!

As always we had a ton of fun making this green and pink polka dot cake!  It was for a 9th Birthday Party at a local hotel in Gettysburg, PA.  We delivered the Birthday Cake to the hotel in Gettysburg, PA this past Saturday.  The green and pink twist around the bottom and top tiers of the cake was something new.  We haven't done this on any cakes we have made yet and think it turned out to be really cute!  With all the polka dot on the Birthday Cake I didn't think our normal look of small and big multicolored balls going around was going to do the trick!

The final cake looked a little different we added some balls sticking out of the Birthday Cake with thin wores.  Giving it a truly 3 dimensional look!  The cake itself was a white cake with Italian Buttercream Icing!  Our first attempt at making Italian Buttercream from scratch and it was well worth it.  Alot of work but so worth it.  Italian Buttercream for those of you who aren't familiar with it, is a basic bend of melted sugar and water whipped into egg whites that have been whipped prior to melting the sugar.  Then you combine the two mixtures and whip for about 15 minutes!  My arm was so tired!  Add the butter next and after that you add the flavoring (which we used vanilla) and voila!  you have Italian Buttercream, so silky smooth it literally melts in your mouth!

Ready for delivery!  The cake turned out beautifully and made it the whole way to Gettysburg, PA without any problems!  Whew...that is always a happy ending  :)