Friday, January 14, 2011

Juicy Couture Jewelry Box Cake & Teacup Charm Cupcakes

This Juicy Couture Jewelry Box Cake was so much fun.  For one it was Pink and we all know how I feel about pink.  For two it was Juicy Couture.  Add Jewelry to the mix and this is a Cake made for a Girly Birthday PArty.  The Party Planner contacted Bear Heart Baking Company about making this cake for a Princess Tea Party themed Birthday Party.  The Cake was to have matching Cupcakes with the Teacup Charm from a previous years Juicy Couture Collection. 

We hand molded 14 of these Juicy Couture Teacup Charms for the Cupcakes.  We made a couple extra and even sat one on the cake.  Stuck to the Juicy Bracelet. 

I Loved making this Princess Tea Party themed Cake.  I think it went well with the theme!!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

How to make a Cat in the Hat Dr. Seuss Birthday Cake with Fondant!

We don't usually post a step by step how to instruction post on making cakes but this one was just too fun! We figured we would share how we made it for anyone who was curious about how or even someone adventurous enough to attempt it themselves. The Cat in the Hat and One Fish, Two fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish are right up there with some of my favorite Dr. Seuss Books Ever. Next to Hop on Pop, of course! So you can imagine how extremely excited I was when I got the call for a 1st Birthday Cake with a Dr. Seuss theme!

I am going to break the construction down into steps. Maybe leaving out some things so if there are any questions at all feel free to ask!

Step One:

Dr. Seuss Cake Step By Step instructions *Step 1*I have already attached the Dowel Rod to the board with a screw, placed the 8" square Chocolate double layer cake on the board lowering it down onto the dowel rod first. (Be very careful to center it exact, you won't be able to move it around once it is on the board and through the dowel rod.) The buttercream was then placed around the cake and down the sides to prepare it for the fondant. I rolled out an aqua blue marshmallow fondant that was made in advance. I centered it over the dowel rod, pushed it through the center and lowered it onto the cake.

Step 2:

Dr. Seuss Cake Step By Step Instructions *Step 2*Next I took my Pampered Chef Pizza Cutter ( I love this thing, especially for cutting my fondant) and cut along the edge of the cake to remove the excess fondant. I did this to each side.

Step 3:

Dr. Seuss Cake Step By Step Instructions *Step 3*In this step it is very important to get a nice clean cut that you use sharp scissors and cut very straight. I like to pinch the fondant as close to the cake as I can. Be careful not to pinch too far or icing will get between the layers causing your cut to ooze icing. If this happens take a little water on your finger tip and run it down the cut to smooth the icing away and help seal the fondant.

Finished SideStep 4:

Dr. Seuss Cake Step By Step Instructions *Step 4*For this step I rolled out White Marshmallow Fondant that was made ahead of time. I used an 8" circle board to cut out the white circle which will be the brim of my "Cat in The Hat" Hat! I centered it and slide it down the dowel rod, laying it flat on the cake.

Step 5:

Dr. Seuss Cake Step By Step Instructions *Step 5*This next step is very impotant if skipped, you will crush the cake. You will need to insert 4 dowel rods around the center. This gives the support to the top cake so it doesn't crush your bottom cake. Ooozing Icing everywhere. Place the dowel rods in 4 positions and make sure to cut them all even or one end of your cake will stick up higher than the others making it look like it is leaning.

Step 6:

Dr. Seuss Cake Step By Step Instructions *Step 6*This step was the trickiest and took the most thought and planning for me. I cut the center out of two 6" round boards, just big enough for the dowel rod to fit through. I took one round board and stacked my double layer 6" yellow cakes with the icing already in the middle onto the dowel rod. (this step was only to have the hole there) I then removed the cake and sat it on my turn table. I put a layer of icing down and placed the next board on top.

I stuck the cake back on the dowel rod. I them placed a 7" round cake slightly off centered so more of the cake was sticking off of the edge but flush with the cakes underneath on the opposite side. Iced the middle and stacked another 7" round on top. I removed the 4 stacked yellow cake rounds and placed them on the turntable, (You will then have to carve the cake for it to take the shape of the "Cat in the Hat" Hat) and iced the sides and top in preperation for the fondant!

Step 7:

Dr. Seuss Cake Step By Step Instructions *Step 7*Roll out the white fondant and cover the cake. Put the cake onto the dowel rod so it is sitting on top of the square! Now it is time to decorate! I used Red fondant to accent the hat and an edible black marker to add the detail to the stripes on the hat. I free handed a One Fish on white fondant and then cut it out and stuck it on the side of the bottom tier. Rolled the lettering for "One Fish" because the little boy was turning one. Then cut out "Ben" for the top of the hat. The Cutest First Birthday Cake!

The finished Dr. Seuss Birthday Cake Hope you enjoyed these instructions as much as we enjoyed making this Dr. Seuss Cake!