About Me

Cupcakes!  Yes Please!  I love any and everything to do with them.  I started my own Bakery in March of 2009 and sadly had to give up my dream when my husband's job relocated to just outside of Manhattan.   :(  I know, imagine what I was going through, sugar withdrawls, a little bit of depression, and a serious lack of motivation.  I mean what do you do when you were used to pulling all nighters on Friday at the Bakery and working every day but Sunday and Monday?? 

I couldn't just give up on my dream so I am continuing my love of baking sending Custom Cookies, and Cupcake Toppers all over the United States.  For my most recent work you can check out http://www.bearheartbaking.com/ where I am constantly updating and blogging about my deliveries and posting pictures of my work.  There is a contact for on http://www.bearheartbaking.com/ where you can easily submit questions, comments, or orders.  Hope to hear from you soon :)