Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Cupcake Stop at Magnolia Bakery in NYC! Review

Magnolia Bakery in NYC located at 1240 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY

On my Cupcake Mission the third stop for me was in NYC on Black Friday......I know New York..Black Friday...what was I thinking!?!?  It actually wasn't that bad.  This Bakery on the other hand was BUSY!  I can't imagine they aren't everyday though.  And Yes, I did say this was my third stop on My Cupcake Mission.  I will be blogging about my first two trips to different bakeries but was so excited to get this one in that well....I skipped the first two!

First of all the window decor is just the cutest thing ever.  My 3 year old who loves any and everything to do with tu-tus and purple was loving this display.  You can imagine her excitement when actually walking into the bakery and finding that there were Cupcakes inside!  This Bakery is so cute, friendly staff, and the layout was nicely planned. 

I wish I would have had a chance to take any pictures of the inside but since it was Black Friday, well enough said.  What I can tell you about the inside is that it isn't very big which is the story of most restaraunts and bakeries in Manhattan.  When you walk in the door to your left will be different sections for ordering.  They have cakes, pies, cookies, Ice Box Cakes, and of course Cupcakes!  The Carrot Cake Cupcake was to die for!!  The Red Velvet was the best beside Crumbs Bakery located just down the street.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I am on this secret mission to try all the Red Velvet Cupcakes from every Bakery in the United States.  I know what ambitious goals I have :)  All joking aside I will definitely be back to get more cupcakes and try other things as well.  I think my dad had a slice of pumpkin pie there which he thought was very good.  Oooooh....Speaking of Pumpkin....their Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cream Cheese......AMAZING!!! 

Out of the six I tried there wasn't one I didn't like.  I forgot to mention the Red Velvet.  I need to personally address this Cupcake, after all I am on a secret mission.  The Red Velvet as stated above was moist however I love my Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese.  At Magnolia Bakery they make there's with Buttercream.  Some people like Buttercream with there Red Velvet and if you are one of those people you have to try Magnolia Bakery in NYC, the Buttercream was melt in your mouth, so good it could have been Italian Buttercream, Buttercream Icing

My overall Rating for Magnolia Bakery NYC would be an A++

This picture is from the Website of Magnolia Bakery!

300 Custom Decorated Sugar Cookies Shipped to Great Barrington, MA

We made these sugar cookies awhile ago. They were for a catering company in Massachusetts. They need the star cookies to be decorated for a huge event where they would be given away to all the guests. I did hear back about them and they were the biggest hit at the party apparently. Everyone was asking about the cookies! They wanted to know if they were shortbread?, what flavoring was that?, how could they get some more?, etc….. Needless to say we couldn’t have been more satisfied! Not only did 300 custom cookies take a while to bake, the decorating was a task all in itself, I had five people, and at one point, six, people helping out well into the night Can’t wait to do it again!

300 Sugar Cookie Order, No this isn't all of them

The 300 star cookies were not the only order for the weekend. We also had 180 dog bone cookies for Wedding Favors for that Saturday. The Dog Bones were a nice favor from the wedding couple to all of their guests who were making donations to the local York County S.P.C.A. instead of giving the couple gifts. talk about a great cause! The Dog Bones were decorated in Orange and Coral to match the Wedding Colors. Sooo Cute!

Peek at the Sugar Cookies Drying on Racks in our Display Case

We did receive another order the next week from the MA Catering Company for 150 Decorated Brownies. The brownies were for a Golf Outing and would be placed ont he tables. This took a minute for me to figure out just what they would look like. I had no clue for a good 15 minutes, LOL!! It didn’t take me long to figure it out. I would make the brownies into circles and then lay marshmallow Fondant on top to look like the actual golf ball. Next I placed Green Royal icing at the bottom to look like Grass. I think they turned out well, if I only could have gotten a better picture.

Where do you put 150 Decorated Brownies. Thank Goodness for Stackable Cooling Racks, if you don’t own any I suggest you invest.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Super Mario Bros. Birthday Parties! Cake and Cupcake Ideas!

March 2, 2010

Birthday Cake for Super Mario Bros. Birthday party!

Bear Heart Baking Company made this Birthday Cake and Cupcakes for a Super Mario Bros themed Birthday Party this Monday! The Super Mario Bros. Birthday Party was at Daddy O’s Pizza in York, PA! The Birthday Cake was Super Mario Bros! We did the scene from the game going around both tiers of the cake. The Mario and Luigi were toys used for decorations. The Super Mario Bros Cupcakes were done with the Stars from the Nintendo game matching the Super Mario Bros Star topper! The Hand Molded Mario head on the one cupcake was a huge hit! The little mushrooms accented two cupcakes and also one of the tiers. We added the Super Mario Bros coins, tubes, man eating flowers, bricks, and clouds. This cake was alot of fun to make. We loved creating an all time favorite Super Mario Bros Nintendo Game.

Super Mario Bros. Birthday Cupcakes! Mario!!

The Super Mario cupcakes toppers were hand molded out of Marshmallow Fondant. The stars were also made of Marshmallow fondant and then little eyes were added with an edible black icing writer. The Blue background of the cupcakes goes great with the yellow and reds color scheme for this Super Mario Birthday Party! If you need any ideas we used a great website were you can print off really big pictures of your favorite Super Mario Bros. Characters! You can check it out here.

Super Mario Bros. Birthday Cake and Cupcakes!

A close up of the Super Mario Bros themed Birthday Cake. I think there was one happy 6 year old at this Birthday Party! For more fun Birthday Parties check out our other Birthday Cakes! We are constantly updating pictures and adding our new work. You can also visit us on the web at

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York, PA Bakery Pink Princess Pillow Cake with Edible Tiara!

A Two Tier Princess Pillow Cake with a Gumpaste Tiara on Top and lots of beautiful flowers all over the cake. The colors were different shades of Pink and Green. Our Favorite Princess Cake by Far. We made the bottom Princess Pillow Cake out of a square Red Velvet Cake and carved into it to make it look more like a real pillow. We then iced and covered it with Marshmallow Fondant, decorating it with and Argyle Pattern and Silver Dragees. The top Pillow was a Black and White Cake the top layer Vanilla and the bottom Chocolate. It was also iced and covered in Marshmallow Fondant. Deocorated with a simpler band going around the cake. The Marshmallow Fondant Flowers were hand rolled and placed all over the cake for the extra girly touch. We had a lot of fun making this cake and were so excited to be challenged with something that ended up looking so beautiful. If you are interested in a Princess Pillow Cake for your childs next Birthday we would love to make another. Feel free to contact us or stop by the bakery located at 1413 North George Street in York, PA to order.

Bear Heart Baking Company