Sunday, June 5, 2011

Super Mario Brothers Cake and Cupcakes!

This Super Mario Bros Birthday Cake was delivered to Manhattan along with some other Super Mario Brothers Cakes.  You can do this cake design so many different ways!  This first cake had hand molded Cake Toppers some have toys can you tell which are which?
This Super Mario Bros. Cake was Delivered to the Bronx, NY and has all hand molding :)  Alot of work but so cute!

These two cakes were delivered to Manhattan, no toppers here though.  Just a Super Mario Bros Game Scene.

Another picture of the same cake.  The little Bombs are my favorite.

This Super Mario Bros. Birthday Cake was delivered to Manhattan also and has two toy Toppers on the cake.  It was a last minute order so hand molding was not an option.  The cake still looks great though :)  The next couple of pictures are of Super Mario Bros. Cupcake Toppers they have been shipped all over the U.S.

The first set ever ordered! 

The Second Set of Mario Cupcake Toppers!

This last set has a character not featured before, can you tell which one it is?  I will be posting more picture soon, to see my most recent work visit my website