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Super Mario Bros. Birthday Parties! Cake and Cupcake Ideas!

March 2, 2010

Birthday Cake for Super Mario Bros. Birthday party!

Bear Heart Baking Company made this Birthday Cake and Cupcakes for a Super Mario Bros themed Birthday Party this Monday! The Super Mario Bros. Birthday Party was at Daddy O’s Pizza in York, PA! The Birthday Cake was Super Mario Bros! We did the scene from the game going around both tiers of the cake. The Mario and Luigi were toys used for decorations. The Super Mario Bros Cupcakes were done with the Stars from the Nintendo game matching the Super Mario Bros Star topper! The Hand Molded Mario head on the one cupcake was a huge hit! The little mushrooms accented two cupcakes and also one of the tiers. We added the Super Mario Bros coins, tubes, man eating flowers, bricks, and clouds. This cake was alot of fun to make. We loved creating an all time favorite Super Mario Bros Nintendo Game.

Super Mario Bros. Birthday Cupcakes! Mario!!

The Super Mario cupcakes toppers were hand molded out of Marshmallow Fondant. The stars were also made of Marshmallow fondant and then little eyes were added with an edible black icing writer. The Blue background of the cupcakes goes great with the yellow and reds color scheme for this Super Mario Birthday Party! If you need any ideas we used a great website were you can print off really big pictures of your favorite Super Mario Bros. Characters! You can check it out here.

Super Mario Bros. Birthday Cake and Cupcakes!

A close up of the Super Mario Bros themed Birthday Cake. I think there was one happy 6 year old at this Birthday Party! For more fun Birthday Parties check out our other Birthday Cakes! We are constantly updating pictures and adding our new work. You can also visit us on the web at

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